8 thoughts on “La Quaresima: Parte Diciannove

    1. beardydog

      Ryan: All of the text of the version we observer was in Italian, solo the dialogue was clear: Comunismo Ÿ all a true and dangerous threat towards our senses American.

      Greg: What saying, or it is the る? Spanish or Italian language, there is no amount can with whichever. The fool it stops,

      Google has so much trouble with Asian languages…

  1. MacCrocodile Post author

    My Italian is a very crude translation using an internet-based translator. It’s a lot harder to find anything that can do Japanese.

    “All the text in the version we saw was in Italian, but the message was clear: communism is a very real and dangerous threat to our American sensibilities.”

    …more or less.

  2. volus

    Yeah…like a slightly soft “hey”

    As opposed to “hi” which would be pronounced like the English word “he” or the common pronounciation of “hehe”


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