Lent: Part 3

Oscar-Nominated Shorts: Animated

  • One Man Band – Pixar rocks hard. This is no exception, but expect Pixar’s characteristic one-joke cartoon.
  • The Fan and the Flower (Not nominated, but included in the show) Don’t know why they wasted my time with this non-nominated loser. Still, cute little story.
  • The Mysterious Geographic Explorations of Jasper Morello – Apparently, when I’m overwhelmed with beautiful animation, I feel compelled to shout, “Jesus Fucking Christ!” again and again. I was barely able to stifle myself this time.
  • Badgered – Eh. Pass.
  • The Moon and the Son – A touching dialogue between the animator and his dead father. A biography with cartoons. Quite nice.
  • 9 – WTF? A tiny man made of burlap? Ninth in a series of tiny burlap men, it would seem. Huh. Good +

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  1. volus

    Oh…did you go back and edit these posts to include little reviewlets?

    That might explain why I didn’t recognize the post after this one.


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