14 thoughts on “Lent: Part 1

  1. volus

    My $0.02: Part 1

    And yet quite a bit funnier than I was expecting.

    Now and again, it did some very interesting things with surrealism. Kind of a shame when clever filmmaking is burdened with the weight of paint-by-numbers romantic comedy.

    Even if it was totally cheating, the flowers scene was pretty damned hot.

    1. volus

      …and to argue the straight man’s perspective

      A movie where Maggie Gyllenhaal isn’t the hottest woman on the screen is quite an accomplishment.

          1. MacCrocodile Post author

            It’s not necessarily hotness that gets one the gig, just a certain je ne sais quoi only possessed by the likes of Steve Carrell and Josh Hartnett. And the stars of countless 1980s sex comedies.

            If you have that and an agent, then one day, maybe you’ll have your own wacky sex comedy. An enormous erection couldn’t hurt, either.

          2. teutonicboytoy

            Well I’ve already got one of those things, so I guess I just need an agent! *add in a rimshot and a “Wasn’t that saucy?” raise of my eyebrows here*

            I’m also gonna see if I can pick up some je ne sais quoi next time I go to Target, just in case.

          3. MacCrocodile Post author

            You don’t want the je ne sais quoi at Target. It’s kinda trashy. Christina Aguilera gets her je ne sais quoi there. It’s best to cultivate your own at home.

            But if you’ve already got it, I’ll be holding auditions for hot guys to show me their asses.

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