Lent: Part 15

Monster (2003) – I never realized what a hardship it was to be a serial killer. I want you all to turn to the serial killer next to you (or behind you) and give them a hug–thank them for all the hard work they do to keep our streets free of citizens.

One thought on “Lent: Part 15

  1. volus

    My Two Cents: Part 15

    I have a hard time with this one. On the one hand, both Theron and Ricci delivered strong performances. On the other, I simply didn’t like it very much. I felt like the writers were trying too hard to make her sympathetic. I don’t mind actually feeling sympathy for a terrible person, I just resent being told to feel sympathetic.

    What’s worse, the more I read up on this, the more it seems like they told her story in the most boring way possible. We get basically nothing of her abusive childhood raised by grandparents she thought were her parents, none of her many aliases, assaults, armed robberies or frauds. We don’t get her angry and sensationalistic confession (including the claim that she’d slept with over 250,000 men.) We don’t get the bizarre story of being adopted as an adult by a religious fanatic.

    I dunno. Some other time, I might have liked it, but on the heels of Zodiac, it was terrible.


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