9 thoughts on “Lent: Part 16

  1. volus

    My Two Cents: Part 16

    Wow. That was one pretty damned movie. Beautiful women, rugged men, fantastically freakish monstrosities, gorgeous sets and backdrops. Just eye candy in just about every shot.

    Beyond that, the plot was fairly simplistic. 300 level 20 fighters against 100,000 level 1 barbarians. Serviceable, but not the reason to see it. And you should go see it.

      1. bigmojo

        Just to throw my own two cents in, I think that it should be viewed on the big screen while it is available. The movie’s real strong point is that it is probably the best graphic novel translation to date and the scenes are honestly really well done. The oracle in particular.

        The slow motion stuff annoyed me at first until I realized that they were translating multiple panel action sequences from a graphic novel. Then they were really freakin awesome.

        Watch the movie for the scenery and the visual story line not for the plot (which, admittedly, is fairly weak).

  2. princesstink

    I got to see this in the Mann’s Chinese Theatre in Hollywood. The slow motion was AWESOME there. I am pretty sure I saw it with a fairly gay, male crowd, as they only cheered at male nudity, and not at any of the females.

  3. MacCrocodile Post author

    Well, your friend Dave is correct, and I’m being affected. I saw an interview months ago with the woman who played the queen. In her Britishism, she refers to what we would call “underwear” as “pants,” so I’ve been calling them leather pants ever since.


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