Lent: Part 24

Mulholland Falls (1996) – I’ll be honest. I was (and am) kinda messed up on cold and flu medicine, but we all know how these movies go:

Blah blah blah gritty detective blah blah blah pretty girl murdered blah blah fedoras blah blah Chazz Palminteri blah blah blah feds blah blah sex blah blah smart-mouthed dame (in this case, a homosexual man. Don’t ask why, but I always spot them in movies no matter how wasted I am) blah blah coverup blah blah blah gravelly dialogue blah blah partner gets shot The End.

3 thoughts on “Lent: Part 24

  1. yampowered

    I’m so tragically sorry you’re still so tragically sick! I really don’t think you should go to work tomorrow. I think instead you would feel much better if you went to Scarecrow with me and rented Sherlock Jr.

  2. princesstink

    Why is everybody sick?! I am sick too. If you take the NyQuil in pill form, you don’t have to taste it, and it still knocks you out. For me, it apparently gives me even weirder dreams than normal, and makes me yell in my sleep (according to Matt).


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