3 thoughts on “Lent: Part 25

    1. MacCrocodile Post author

      I could have dealt with organ music. The big problem here was that if they did in fact use the original score, they adapted it to a modern band. There were definite electronic sounds, and some blues where blues were completely inapropriate. I don’t know how theaters were run in the ’20s, but this band sounded way too full.

  1. thebluewillow

    Hooray for me not being the only one!
    Yeah… original score my ass. Every copy of every Keaton film has a different score on it. NEVER get the Thames Valley versions of his films. It is the reason why I still havn’t seen the general.

    Oh, and the most amusing film ever, is Steamboat Bill Jr. … I wish I could say its funny cause of the clever phsysical comedy, but its more to do with the fact they keep calling him Willy.


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