Lent: Part 39

Grindhouse (2007) – Did you ever go to pick up a quarter on the ground? You can see that it’s the next state you need–Nevada or something–and it looks awesome. But when you pick it up and look at the other side, it’s all grimy and blackened with God knows what. You don’t want to actually touch it or have it in your pocket, but you love the Nevada design on one side, and it’s still technically worth twenty-five cents. But the bland face of George Washington spends half an hour yammering about film history and movies he liked growing up.

Seriously, though, Rodriguez delivers gold. I cannot find fault with Planet Terror. Tarantino completely missed the mark however. Either he didn’t quite understand what kind of movie he’d agreed to make, or he just didn’t feel like making it. It was, essentially, a short version of every Tarantino movie you’ve ever seen, but with slightly less awesome fight scenes.

2 thoughts on “Lent: Part 39

  1. teutonicboytoy

    I think Tarantino’s movie felt MUCH more like an actual grindhouse film than Rodriguez’s did. Rodriguez went for the grindhouse on steroids, super over the top campy vibe. Tarantino remembered that most of those movies weren’t non-stop action, but non-stop chatter with action punctuating it. Those movies didn’t have nearly the budget for the type of stuff Rodriguez threw in.

    However, I loved both of them. I just disagree with you. 😉


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