Lent: Part 4

Academy Award-Nominees: Best Short Film, Animated

  • No Time for Nuts – I am so done with that rat thing from Ice Age. On the upside, this short ends with the implication that the thing dies of starvation.
  • The Danish Poet – Adorable, sweet. I pick this one to win. Also the only nominee with words.
  • Maestro – Supercute. I almost wish I hadn’t caught onto the ending of this ahead of time. Still, supercute.
  • The Little Matchgirl – Sure, it’s pretty, but this story has always bugged me. There’s no apparent moral or character development. It’s just sad for sadness’ sake.
  • Lifted – Pixar’s entry, full of plenty of clever sight gags, as expected. Just not a winner. Speaking of not winners, the show we saw included:

Additional Qualifying and Shortlisted Films

  • One Rat Short – Probably the best animation of the lot. A little wierd, though.
  • The Passenger – Eh.
  • The Wraith of Cobble Hill – The very epitome of student film, and I mean that in a bad way.
  • Guide Dog – If this one made the cut for the presentation of “Additional qualifying” films, I’ve got to wonder what qualified but was not good enough to show audiences.
  • Gentlemen’s Duel – Though I loved the period Gundam suits, I counted four kicks in the groin, one ejaculation joke, countless jiggling boobs, a dog peeing on everything, and a nude butler.

5 thoughts on “Lent: Part 4

  1. volus

    My Two Cents: Part 4 (Part 1)

    No Time for Nuts – I shared Ryan’s distaste for Scrat when it started. Then it turned out to be a delightfully Looney Toons-esque bit.

    The Danish Poet – After Kitchen Stories last year, I suspected that Scandinavia might be the most adorable place in the world. This clinched it.

    Maestro – I think I need a robot arm to do absolutely everything for me.

    The Little Matchgirl – We get it…Russia sucks. Can we move on, please?

    Lifted – I’ve never seen a Pixar short I didn’t love. This is no exception.

  2. volus

    My Two Cents: Part 4 (Part 2)

    One Rat Short – Very pretty, and I hated it. Pointless, smarmy and full of Peetoes.

    The Passenger – Ludicrous. I’m about 75% certain I mean that as a bad thing.

    The Wraith of Cobble Hill – It takes a ballsy filmmaker to have as much nothing going on as this guy did. Andy Griffith whistling by in the background would have pulled focus though.

    Guide Dog – I caught about 10 seconds before I decided it was a great time to run out and grab a sandwich before the Live Action Shorts started. It was a pretty shitty 10 seconds though.

    Gentlemen’s DuelJimmy John’s makes good sandwiches. Highly recommended.


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