Lent: Part 40

Jesus Christ Superstar (1973) – Woah.

So some untold weeks ago, no one came to watch the Oscars, so I decided to tell even more people about this event in hopes that someone would show up. I told the people at work who had felt slighted for not being invited to the Oscars. A couple of days later, Megan told me that her brother and his girlfriend were coming and that the girlfriend would be dressed as Mary Magdalene. At that instant, it became a party. It escalated from there, and it even got to the point where I had to turn people away.

Turning people away is a completely new experience to me.

All told, we had thirteen people in our living room, and if you don’t know, our living room is not made for thirteen people. To be honest, I don’t know if the amount of the movie I actually saw can be counted.

16 thoughts on “Lent: Part 40

      1. yampowered

        Is that that thing you posted yesterday? That presumably private thing?

        (I know you posted something because I went to nudge you and LJ was all “BITCHES NUH UH”)

        1. MacCrocodile Post author

          Yeah, that’s the thing. I’m taking several passes at it before releasing it to you assholes. I like the idea, and you can go to hell with your tl;drs and not-your-bests.

          1. MacCrocodile Post author

            Yeah, well, the last time I just related a thing that happened (see Halloween), Darien gave me a not-one-of-your-best. And I was all, fuck-you-buddy, and I’m-not-trying-to-impress-you.

            Long story short, I’d like to write something good for once.

          2. yampowered

            Fine, then, go for it! And I demand to be in your secret first-release filter!

            (Wouldn’t punching Darien’s face solve the problem? I suppose not, but wouldn’t it be fun?)

          3. MacCrocodile Post author

            God! You’d think so, but how many times have I punched him in the arm and leg, and he’s still giving me shit.

            Hell, since you left, I’ve had to step up his punching regimen, but he’s still not quite learning. Part of his introduction when I met his coworkers involved telling them I didn’t graduate high school.

          4. yampowered

            “no text”. It means the icon and/or subject says all that needs to be said. I think I abbreviate it n/t because the person I learned it from did it that way. I’m impressionable! Like a baby chicken!

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