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Reviews of Brevity

Juno (2007) – So, first there was Waitress, then there was Knocked Up, and now we have Juno. Was 2007 just the Year of the Pregnancy Movie, or is the Pregnancy Comedy the new up-and-coming genre? If it is the new thing, I hope it replaces zombie movies. Not that zombie movies are necessarily bad; I’m just bored of them right now. Seriously, guys, stop trying to explain the science behind zombies. I don’t care if it’s a virus or nanotechnology or voodoo curses; they’re just fuckin’ zombies. And I Am Legend, really? A cure for zombiism? Don’t you think that’s going a bit too far for zombies?

Where was I? Ah yes. Ellen Page is marvellous, though she won’t win the Oscar, not up against the people she’s up against. The movie as a whole was delightful, but again, won’t win against the other movies for an Oscar. The only nomination that stands a decent chance of winning is Original Screenplay, but even that’s up against some stiff competition.

So to summarize, this was an enjoyable movie, but don’t expect your socks to be knocked off.