Monthly Archives: February 2008

Lent: Part 20

Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977) – We are now at the halfway point. The project has become a chore. Do not worry that I skip a day here and there; I still have homework to do. There will be plenty of time on the weekends and after the quarter ends to catch back up.

This movie was a lot of fun. Steven Spielberg is growing on me, and my irrational hatred of Richard Dreyfuss is subsiding.

SUPER SPECIAL EDIT: This marks 100 movies watched for Lent!

Lent: Part 19

The Gold Rush (1925) – Charlie Chaplin is still not funny, but I had to watch this for my film class. What’s worse, Netflix labelled this as the 1925 version, and sent me the 1942 re-release with shitty music and narration added. The instructor told me to just watch it with the sound off. I gotta tell you, it greatly improves the watching of Charlie Chaplin when he keeps his damn gob shut.

Lent: Part 18

TRON (1982) – Last year, we downloaded this movie. The file broke thirty-eight minutes in. This year, we went to a big ole theater to see it. The sound cut out a few seconds in. Then they stopped the film. The sound started again without visual. The visual restarted without any of the dialogue playing correctly. Needless to say, it was a fiasco. I seem doomed to be unable to see this movie without catasrophe.

Anyway, I’m glad I saw this movie, and delighted that I saw it in a theater. I would have liked to see it straight through, but such is my curse.

Lent: Part 13

Gay Purr-ee (1962) – I wanted a break from all the Oscar-nominated films, and there’s a fair chance–even without checking for sure–that this never won any awards. The gay in me really should have loved the voice work of Judy Garland, Robert Goulet and Hermione Gingold, but it was overshadowed by the cursory (at best) awareness of French culture and language. A supposedly French character called a woman “Mon cherie” for fuck’s sake!