Monthly Archives: March 2008

Lent: Part 40

Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter (2001) – A competent and hilarious spoof of the grindhouse genre. Better even than Deathproof. But of course, a kick in the balls is better than Deathproof.

New Lent rule! After every Lent party someone must get arrested. Do not take this as advocating criminal behavior. Take it only as saying it’d be pretty awesome if all the Lent parties could be that fun.

Lent: Part 39

Summer Stock (1950) – After my poor review of Gay Purr-ee, I was on gay probation. I had to watch this to restore my credentials. This, it turns out, is one of those quintessential gay ol’ musicals, as if you didn’t know. My favorite song was “Dig-Dig-Dig Dig For Your Dinner” in which a troupe of actors sing and dance about how actors should do something productive for society instead of just singing and dancing.

There will be spillover after Lent, of course. I still have a Netflix account, and by no means will I stop watching movies. So be sure to stay tuned (or however it is you operate this word machine) after Lent. I might even have something entirely original to say.

Lent: Part 35

Sunset Blvd. (1950) – I can’t decide if the dialogue is especially clever or among the worst crap ever. The voice-over, though one of the most famous things from this picture, was completely unnecessary. Especially after a certain point where the story had been set up already, I found myself wishing the narrator would just shut the hell up and let the action onscreen speak for itself. On the other hand, this could be a clever technique demonstrating what a hack the writer character is, and comparing the modern talkies with the old silent films. Norma Desmond even says there’s too much dialogue in movies today, and this one is determined to make me agree with her.

And speaking of hack writers who stumble upon eccentric older women who dote upon them, I’m going to be published for the first time ever. Well, I suppose this journal is a form of publication, but what I mean is that for the first time, someone read my stuff and said to me, “I want to pay a printer to print that and bind it in a paper thingy.” It’s only the literary magazine at a community college, but they insist that they’re a respectable publication, and I choose to believe that. I’ll post a link to the story once it’s up.

Lent: Part 32

Horton Hears a Who! (2008) – I didn’t expect much from this movie. The last Seuss adaptation I saw was unimpressive, as have been most of the Jim Carrey movies I’ve seen. And when on the billboards, the stars’ names are as big as or bigger than the actual title of the movie, it’s a bad sign. I’m totally with Billy West in decrying this trend of big-ticket celebrity voices when a regular voice actor could do a great job for much less money. Hell, most experienced voice actors can voice several characters, saving you even more money.

But while this movie could have saved a lot of trouble, the cast they did have was adequate. Not great, but what can you do? The script stays pretty much on-point with minimal plot fluffing, but with disturbing undertones of religious zealotry and without taking a clear side for or against it.