Lent: Part 10

Oscar-Nominated Films, Live-Action (2007)

  • Tanghi Argentini – This film does what a short film must do: end. It made its point–quite nicely–and ended. It was cute, funny, and short.
  • Om Natten (In the Night) – Everyone deserves to have a big fuss made about them, I suppose. Everyone ought to make friends with an emotional wealthy person who will ensure that a grand monument is erected upon their death.
  • Il Supplente (The Substitute) – I thought I made it pretty clear last year that Italians aren’t funny, and neither is flailing around like a jackass. A repeated line is only funny if it’s written and delivered in a humorous manner at humorous times. And everyone learns something goddamn important at the end.
  • The Tonto Woman – I recognized the name Elmore Leonord in the opening credits, and was sure to receive some mercy after what the previous overlong pieces had done to me. Yes, the characters spoke in a stilted writery kind of way that only exists in short stories, but it was a pretty film with a tangible plot. I want to thank the filmmakers for that.
  • Le Mozart des Pickpockets (The Mozart of Pickpockets) – Oh, it’s this years Film about Unready Adults Who Find Themselves Suddenly and Hopelessly in Charge of a Child. Fuck you, France. I might expect this sort of thing from Americans, but you, France? Oh, who am I kidding. All the worst sit-com movies are adapted from French shit.

I need a nap.

One thought on “Lent: Part 10

  1. volus

    My Two Cents, Year 3: Part 10

    Tanghi Argentini – The only one that qualified under my over-rigid definition of a “short,” so it’s my pick for winner even though it wasn’t my favorite.

    Om Natten – Let’s see, we’ve got cancer girls, suicide attempts, comas, botched surgeries, estranged parents and best friends dying on New Years. If the 39 minute length didn’t make me want to kill myself, the content sure did.

    Il Supplente – Any guesses what would happen if you crammed Dead Poets Society down to about 15 minutes, and got there by taking out any actual point it might have started with? Those of you who voted for “It would suck balls,” you win a prize. The prize is not having to sit through Il Supplente.

    The Tonto Woman – My favorite for acting and direction. I didn’t know that Elmore Leonard wrote any westerns, but he’s always good for a story. I’d rather like to see a full feature-length western by this writer and director.

    Le Mozart des Pickpockets – Once Ryan pointed out that Beethoven was not, in fact, a child prodigy, I had to conclude that Ryan had taken the only good joke that can be pulled out of this piece of drivel. I guess I’ll just second the notion of “Fuck you, France.”


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