Lent: Part 39

Summer Stock (1950) – After my poor review of Gay Purr-ee, I was on gay probation. I had to watch this to restore my credentials. This, it turns out, is one of those quintessential gay ol’ musicals, as if you didn’t know. My favorite song was “Dig-Dig-Dig Dig For Your Dinner” in which a troupe of actors sing and dance about how actors should do something productive for society instead of just singing and dancing.

There will be spillover after Lent, of course. I still have a Netflix account, and by no means will I stop watching movies. So be sure to stay tuned (or however it is you operate this word machine) after Lent. I might even have something entirely original to say.

3 thoughts on “Lent: Part 39

    1. MacCrocodile Post author

      I was getting a contact high from watching Judy Garland for so long. The funny thing is the making of documentary. A bunch of nobodies talking about the movie, never once mentioning the word “drugs”. She was “sad” or “tired” or “resting between projects” or “confronting personal demons”. Only her biographer finally said “prescription medications”.

      So I’ve fixed it, and your comment doesn’t make sense in context any more.

      1. volus

        Maybe not, but I think George works just fine out of context. Plus, I found Georges Tickets weeks ago, but never found a good opportunity to share him with others. I refuse to let your retconned mistakes ruin it for everyone else.


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