Milk (2008) – You need to see this movie. You need to tell your friends and family to see this movie. If you’re gay, you need to tell your friends and family that you’re gay, and then that they should see this movie. This film was almost perfectly timed as an admonishment to the gay community for dropping the ball on Prop 8. Thirty years ago, they managed to defeat Prop 6. Thirty years ago. And now, with our apathy and focus-group-driven media, we blew it.

You need to see this movie. Your friends and family need to see this movie. The icon is me. I am a gay man. You know a gay person.

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  1. keleighbel

    i FINALLY watched this movie (twice actually-once to finish it on my own and then again so that adam could watch the rest of it as we had only watched 30 min together the first time). i LOVED it and cried both times. and then last night i watched Slumdog. Slumdog was good. Interesting story, good editing and cinematography, cute kids…but after seeing both of these…now i am sad Milk didnt win. 🙁


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