Reviews of Brevity

Juno (2007) – So, first there was Waitress, then there was Knocked Up, and now we have Juno. Was 2007 just the Year of the Pregnancy Movie, or is the Pregnancy Comedy the new up-and-coming genre? If it is the new thing, I hope it replaces zombie movies. Not that zombie movies are necessarily bad; I’m just bored of them right now. Seriously, guys, stop trying to explain the science behind zombies. I don’t care if it’s a virus or nanotechnology or voodoo curses; they’re just fuckin’ zombies. And I Am Legend, really? A cure for zombiism? Don’t you think that’s going a bit too far for zombies?

Where was I? Ah yes. Ellen Page is marvellous, though she won’t win the Oscar, not up against the people she’s up against. The movie as a whole was delightful, but again, won’t win against the other movies for an Oscar. The only nomination that stands a decent chance of winning is Original Screenplay, but even that’s up against some stiff competition.

So to summarize, this was an enjoyable movie, but don’t expect your socks to be knocked off.

14 thoughts on “Reviews of Brevity

  1. yampowered

    but don’t expect your socks to be knocked off.

    I think Roxie’s seen it four times. That’s apparently about average among her friends!

    Also? She learned to play the guitar, and now she plays the hipster soundtrack constantly.

    1. MacCrocodile Post author

      Re: but don’t expect your socks to be knocked off.

      Yeah, but I bet she doesn’t understand how fully awesome the cheeseburger phone was. She’s not taking a film class or anything.

          1. MacCrocodile Post author

            Re: but don’t expect your socks to be knocked off.

            Well, first, that both Juno and her boyfriend had cheeseburger phones was significant.

            But the big thing I got from it was that it’s a movie about things not working the way they’re supposed to. It is a cheeseburger and a phone, but not very good as either, as evidenced by the scene when she calls Women Now.

            Also, I think I want a cheeseburger phone.

          2. yampowered

            Re: but don’t expect your socks to be knocked off.

            Oic, I didn’t even notice he had one too. Thx 4 tha enlightenment!

            Assuming I had my pick of round-food-phones, it’d have to be a chocolate-chip cookie for me!

  2. princesstink

    That gives me an idea…

    A Pregnant Zombie movie…in which the hormones of pregnancy combined with a bite from an infected pregnant woman cause pregnant women to eat your brains.

  3. princesstink


    And where does that phrase come from: “it’ll knock your socks off”? Has anyone ever had their socks literally knocked off? Even if your socks were removed, have they ever been KNOCKED? The process sounds quick, and even painful. Ooh, ooh! Maybe if you were out in the snow, and your socks got all wet and possibly frozen…you could knock them off with a chisel or a hammer or something. Sounds painful, but what do you care? Your feet are probably numb and frostbitten.

      1. princesstink

        Re: Socks

        Matt just ruined it for me. I like pretending that there are no answers for things like this, and all we can do is speculate about it’s origin. But Matt knows…it is a military term. Sometimes when things explode at the feet of a soldier, the force of the blast upward will blast the body upward, leaving the feet on the ground…hence having your socks knocked off. There are also times when, having been exploding, flying through the air, shoes and socks do get “knocked off”.


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