Reviews of Brevity

Iron Man (2008) – When I see Jeff Bridges in a technological-wonderland movie, I expect to see him glow at the seams, if just once. I also would have accepted a light-cycle race or an exclamation of “Oh, my user!”

Anyway, I’m over it. Despite that one deficiency, this was a very good movie. I’m not a comic book guy, I’m not much for action movies, but this one was good. The plot was a little plodding, but it served an important purpose: to develop characters and let the actors act a bit. You hear me, The Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, get some actors!

One thought on “Reviews of Brevity

  1. keleighbel

    dude!!! it was freaking AWESOME!!! hands down, best of the summer. i couldnt stop fidgeting from excitement or fear throughout the whole movie. I’m surprised Jon didnt punch me as i was holding his hand most of the time.


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