Monthly Archives: January 2009

With a New Year Comes a New Affront to God


It’s a brand new year, and that means it’s time to start talking about the Lent Project. At this time, nothing is planned, and in keeping with tradition, very little is likely to be planned.

The two events I know I’ll have:
Ash Wednesday, February 25 – (TBD)
Holy Saturday, April 11 – (TBD)

In the past, I’ve also included the Oscar-nominated short films, but since the Oscars will be presented on February 22, the shorts will not be part of the official Lent listing. I still intend to see them at the Varsity Theater in Seattle, however, and anyone who wishes to join me (at a date TBD) is welcome to do so.

Now for the point:
I will watch, if you don’t already know, forty (40) movies I’ve never seen before between February 25 and April 11. For this, I need your suggestions. If you can provide DVDs of said movies, all the better. If not, I still have my Netflix account. (If I’ve already seen the movie you suggest, I’ll just politely ignore the suggestion, so don’t worry that I may have already seen it.)

Let’s start a list!