17 thoughts on “Lent: Part 4

  1. volus

    My Two Cents, Year 4: Part 4

    I commend the filmmaker for compressing a 24,000 verse epic poem down to 82 minutes, but I bet I can go one better. Rama was a prince who is maybe a god, and a king who might be a demon kidnapped his wife. With the help of a monkey who might also be a god, he got her back. Then he was something of an asshole for a while.

    I win.

    On the one hand, telling the Ramayana without once using the word dharma seems to miss the point. On the other hand, it was adorable.

    1. shinichiki

      HOLY. FUCK. I had no idea that Annette Hanshaw was the lady I admired so much. Oh my god, years of wondering who she was is now answered. I know who to look for when I want to hear her music!!!! Thank you! (Also, damm that was awesome!!)

  2. shabubu

    Reminds me of The Thief and the Cobbler, which took 31 years and 5 bajillionmillion different versions exist.

    If you haven’t seen it, you should, it probably has some of the best animation I’ve seen this side of the Pacific.

    1. yampowered

      Ooo, I’ve been meaning to see that one for yeeeears! Do you know of anyplace besides Youtube (I assume) I can see it online?

      Also, Ryan, have you heard anything about how long Sita Sings The Blues will be online? I didn’t see anything on the site, but I don’t see lots of things.

        1. yampowered

          Hey thanks! And for me, as a cartoon nerd, something like that with the storyboards would be fantastic. I’ll have to look for it, thank you. This is the one where one guy had been working on it since the Sixties, right? And then, right before he was finished with it, Disney released Aladdin just to be dicks?

          1. MacCrocodile Post author

            Are these people who don’t like awesome movies for some reason? What company is this that is okay with you checking LJ, but not with you watching a movie?

          2. yampowered

            Company that is my cousin, who’s okay talking to my parents while I go dashing downstairs to get something. But anyway, she went home early so maybe now I will watch it. So there.

          3. yampowered

            I….went upstairs to work on my secret project. Then I wobbled downstairs, put lotion-filled socks on my hands (because they’re basically talons right now, fucking Colorado non-humitdity), aaand I passed out. But I’ll do it tonight! If I’m not too late! Because it sounds amazing and I’ll feel like a jackass if I miss it!

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