Lent: Part 6

Funny Face (1957) – I hate to say anything bad about Audrey Hepburn, so I’ll phrase this positively: she looked her best before they made her over, and her best singing was in My Fair Lady. And speaking of singing, Mamma Mia! had more natural transitions into musical numbers.

Also speaking of singing, the Seattle Men’s Chorus has a show coming up. Singing… in the Rain, with guest star Debbie Fucking Reynolds!

8 thoughts on “Lent: Part 6

  1. volus

    My Two Cents, Year 4: Part 6

    When this got tivo’ed, I confused it with Funny Girl. Let me tell you, there are few feelings better than “I don’t have to sit through a Streisand movie.” Might be low expectations talking, but I quite enjoyed it. A few dance numbers went on longer than they needed to, but that’s musicals for ya.

  2. jennmonkey

    ok…I accidentally posted under glendon, so I deleted it and logged back in as myself, in case there was any confusion there. Anyway, thanks for the reminder about Singing in the Rain! I really want to go. I would also love to check out the Unplugged show in June.


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