Monthly Archives: January 2010

Lent Five is Alive

Most of you know by now: I watch movies for Lent. Of course, rather than wait for Septuagesima Sunday, which, this year, would be at the end of January, I start officially planning on the Epiphany, which is today. It’s all completely arbitrary anyway.

What I want from you: movies I haven’t seen. I’m looking for any movies you think I should see, whether you think I’ll enjoy them or not. It’s especially helpful if you have the movie for borrowing or group viewing, but I have my ways.

Furthermore, while I don’t like to plan the movies too much in advance, I will have movie parties here and there. Here are the things I know so far:

  • Ash Wednesday – TBA. To start the festivities, I like to pick something classic, epic, or significant to film history. It’s a Wednesday, so it doesn’t have to be a crowd pleaser as most people will not be available for a party.
  • Oscar-Nominated Short Films – Nominees TBA. In years where there is an overlap between Lent and the Oscar season (e.g. this year), I go to see the nominated short films at the Varsity as part of Lent. I count this as two movies, since they charge admission twice: once for animation, and again for live-action. The exact date of this viewing is uncertain, but there are two and a half weeks between Ash Wednesday and the Oscars this year, and a weekend is the most likely time. Only two people have ever accompanied me to see these, but if you’re interested, let me know, and we’ll figure out when to go.
  • Holy Saturday – TBA. The final movie, timed to end at midnight on Easter morning, is typically of a Biblical nature. Past fortieth movies have included, in order: The Passion of the Christ, Jesus Christ Super Star, Jesus Christ: Vampire Hunter and The Last Temptation of Christ. I have a shortlist compiled of such movies, but I’m always glad to add to the list, so feel free to suggest more. This one will be determined by polling.

But of course that just covers three of forty days, so please, suggest anything and everything!