10 thoughts on “Lent: Part 6

    1. MacCrocodile Post author

      Re: My No Cents

      I’m still at my parents’ house. I just haven’t watched The Hurt Locker yet. I could watch it, but it would cost them five bucks. I’ll watch it as soon as I have the chance.

      It is for the best that you have no cents for this movie. It was pretty awful.

  1. yampowered

    Hahaha, oh dear. This is one of those movies my mom and/or dad rented for me as a little girl, assuring me with “oh it’s so funny” and “you will just LOVE it”s. Um, nope!

  2. shinichiki

    Is…. is this the movie where there is a scene where they show the hens chicken porn, to make them lay more? I’ve been not-really-trying to find that movie for a while. Worst movie to switch channels to in the middle of that scene, lemme tell you.

      1. shinichiki

        It didn’t show the birds getting it on, it really mostly focused on a group of chickens in a room watching tv, and a dude being all pleased as hell while the other person
        (wife?) rightly questions his sanity. It was years an years ago, so mental details are sadly not that great.


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