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Oscar-Nominated Short Films (2010)


  • Madagascar, a Journey Diary – Gorgeous, visually innovative, the kind of thing that should be rewarded, say, with an award. Maybe it’s just the pessimist in me talking, but something tells me the Academy will ignore this. (Watch it here.)
  • Let’s Pollute – Ugh. You know what’s depressing? Bill Plympton’s cartoon was not my least favorite short. We’ll get to that later. (watch a clip here, if you must.)
  • Day & Night – It almost gets boring when Pixar so consistently rocks. Almost. Pixar, as usual, stands a very good chance of taking this award from honest, hard-working filmmakers. They’re like the Wal-Mart of animated shorts, except I don’t hate them. (watch it here.)
  • The Gruffalo – Okay, so there are three shorts in this category that I would not be upset to see win. I don’t think this especially deserves to win, considering what else is nominated, but it was charming all over. (watch a trailer here. The full version is half an hour, and if the BBC will let you see it, it’s well worth it.)
  • The Lost Thing – Borrowing too heavily from Tim Burton and Willy Wonka and not enough from The Land of Fully Developed Ideas, this falls kinda flat, which is a shame. (Watch a trailer here. Trust me, you’re not missing much by not seeing the full thing.)

    Also Ran

  • Urs – You’ve come a long way, Germany, but considering your starting point was things like The Blue Angel, The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, and some of the most brilliant, innovative cinema in history, that’s not necessarily a good thing. (Here‘s a trailer, I guess.)
  • The Cow That Wanted to Be a Hamburger – You’ve put me in a very awkward position, Bill Plympton. I maintain that I must hate you. Your dog series is utter garbage that pushes my every button, but this… this I don’t hate. Visually it’s a bit unnerving, but I… I don’t hate this. (watch a clip here.)

Live Action

  • The Confession – It’s hard being a child who can’t stop murdering. It’s also hard being an armchair film critic who can’t stop choking on his own bile. (There are too many short films called “The Confession,” and I really don’t care if you see it, so I’m linking you to this instead.)
  • Na Wewe – Making jokes about war and genocide is tricky, and I’m pretty sure that’s what this was trying to do. So… yeah. (Here‘s a clip.)
  • The Crush – Quite cute, doesn’t try too hard. A-. (A clip is here.)
  • Wish 143 – This year’s Cancer Ward entry. Best Cancer Ward Short Film ever. (Watch a clip here.)
  • God of Love – From the description, I was sure I’d hate this. I didn’t. I actually quite liked it. (Watch a trailer here.)

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