Monthly Archives: March 2011

Lent: Part 19

Smash His Camera (2010) – I was already leaning toward the side of Freedom of the Press Means Freedom of the Press for Everybody, but this guy has some amazing photographs. About fifteen minutes or so in, there’s a shot of Catherine Deneuve getting out of a cab that is just so stunning that I wish I were famous so Ron Galella would follow me around and maybe a decent picture of me would turn up every once in a while.

Lent: Part 17

Rango (2011) – This movie is not for your children. For that matter, few movies are for your children if they lack the patience to wait a minute for the thing that just happened to be made clear. I thank the woman behind me and to my right for eventually trying to shush her child; yours is not an easy job, madam. Where was I? Oh, yes. Excellent film. Made me thirsty just watching it.

Lent: Part 16

Blacula (1972) – I think a lot of us went into this evening expecting a lot of cheesy crap, but I for one was pleasantly surprised. This one was well written (except for the thing pointed out to the room: why did he follow the photographer to destroy the non-pictures of him if he just woke up yesterday and has never seen a camera?), well acted, visually competent, and (save one shouted monologue in a warehouse) audible, which is a surprisingly low bar to judge a movie by, I realize, but sometimes you have to lower the bar.

Lent: Part 14

Timecop (1994) – This movie may depict the worst-run time travel organization in the history of film. They don’t even have the debriefing after the mission to keep track of what has changed in the past, and you really need that procedure if you’re not even going to build a time-proof chamber for your operations.

The only thing that makes this movie watchable is a group of people willing to make fun of it. Explosively.