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Lent: Part 35

The Mill and the Cross (2011) – Turns out this would have made a good fortieth film (hey, did you know Rome bears many similarities to Rome?), but sometimes when you pick movies, sight-unseen (and frantically trying to catch up to the schedule), you have little to no idea what any given movie is about beforehand. Sometimes, it’s just something Netflix has been pushing on me for a while.

So I guess I won’t be saving this for a fortieth film in some future year, but at least it makes for decent Good Friday viewing, even if this is technically Monday’s movie.

Lent: Part 33

A Game of Death (1945)

Darien: Huh, so this is not only the first adaptation of the short story The Most Dangerous Game, but also the only one to use the original characters.
Me: Well, duh, because after this one, they were all dead.
Darien: : |
Me: …and they had to get new ones for the next remake.
Darien: : |
Me: …because the originals were dead.