Lent: Part 4

Oscar-Nominated Short Films, Animated

  • Dimanche / Sunday – Oh, French Canadians, don’t ever change.
  • A Morning Stroll – Chickens and zombies. All it needs is a ninja-pirate… no, that’s not fair. Despite the zombies, it was cute. Maybe it started to beat a dead horse by the end, but a cute dead horse.
  • Wild Life – Holy shit, you guys. I want a pet Canadian. Someone get me one, please? This was beautiful, and I pick it to win. To keep with my traditional wrongness, watch for the Academy to declare a four-way tie among all the other entries.
  • The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore – Hey, guess what? Having a long title doesn’t make your film clever. Cleverness does, not that you’d know anything about that, Morris Lessmore creators.
  • La Luna – Pixar. Adorable. That about sums it up.

Also Ran

  • Skylight – I take it back about A Morning Stroll. This is what we call beating a dead horse. Needed to be about half as long.
  • The Hybrid Union – No major objections. Carry on.
  • Nullarbor – I don’t care about Australia or cars, so it’s hard to give even half a shit about this one.
  • Amazonia – Really? What kind of asshole actually includes an audience cheering and applauding for their shitty cartoon? Really?

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