Monthly Archives: February 2013

Lent: Part 4

Basic Instinct (1992) – I have many conflicting feelings about film noir, but fewer feelings (most of them in accord) about homages to film noir, Paul Verhoeven, Joe Eszterhas, and Sharon Stone’s boobs. The many tributes to Hitchcock are clumsy and obvious. It makes me want to donate to whatever research is needed to resurrect Hitchcock and put him back to work.

Lent: Part 2

The Picture of Dorian Gray (1945) – I could have done without the narration. Was it not until after the war that filmmakers invented the principle of “Show, don’t tell”? Sure, a lot of internal motivation was revealed that would otherwise have gone unseen on Hurd Hatfield’s immobile face, but when the narrator says “and then something extraordinary happened”… well, yes, of course it did. I’m watching a psychological horror story laced with magic. I expect the occasional extraordinary thing.

Lent: Part 1

Ash Wednesday (2002) – I walked into Scarecrow Video the other day, looking for ideas. The first thing I saw was this DVD for sale for two dollars. So. Here we are. Not a lot to be said specifically about this movie that isn’t covered by any other Irish mob movie. I guess I’ll say it had a very satisfying ending? Oh well. Happy Lent, everybody.