In the Lenterim: SIFF 2

Populaire (2012) – There may be something wrong with me. I’m starting to enjoy some romantic comedies. Though in loving Populaire, I feel I can make some excuses. It knows how ridiculous the genre is, and it runs with it. The movie starts with a ridiculous premise (a girl from a small village in Normandy competes in the worldwide speed-typing championships), and it goes all-out (the whole world watches the speed-typing championships with glee, and the winners become international celebrities). From time to time, I even get the sense it’s making fun of the tropes of romcoms while still committing fully to them. There may also be something about sport movies here, but I don’t know anything about sports.

As a side note to the people who design subtitles: why in God’s name would you position the subtitles so they run below the bottom edge of the screen? Don’t do that, stupid.

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