In the Lenterim: SIFF

Lent is over for now. Has been for a month now, now that I think about it. During this time, the time I call the Lenterim, I will still be watching movies. This time of year happens to be the start of the 39th Seattle International Film Festival (SIFF), so here we go.

Putzel (2012) – I believe it was Gertrude Stein who said “A romcom is a romcom is a romcom is a romcom” or something like that. While I’ve accustomed myself to movies that feature plot or characters or, in some cases, just pretty pictures, a romcom presents an experience without interest in any of these fields. For a romcom, rather than the stock characters of commedia dell’arte, romcoms give stock stories on which to build a setting. In this case, it’s a piece about a bagel shop on the Upper West Side. There are no surprises (if there were, it wouldn’t be a romcom), but at least it’s cute.

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