Lent: Part 14

Cleopatra Jones (1973) – This genre (let’s go ahead and say it, blaxploitation) doesn’t get enough credit. Maybe it’s the name “blaxploitation” setting expectations low, maybe it’s latent racism in Hollywood, maybe nobody appreciates the early ’70s like I do. I would suggest a remake might be in order, but it’s hard to imagine anyone capturing the unironic campy excitement with any fidelity, and the lead would probably go to Beyoncé, and I think we’ve all seen enough of Beyoncé for a while.

One thought on “Lent: Part 14

  1. Brick

    Blaxploitation is an underrated camp genre. Lots of great camp arose from that era, from Car Wash to Blacula to Shaft. Cleopatra Jones certainly fits into that tradition, although some of the Shelley Winters bits are laid on a little thick.

    Ultimately, I prefer Foxy Brown, but only because Tamora Dobson will forever be the poor man’s Pam Grier.


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