Lent: Part 6

The Dark Crystal (1982) – I once thought there could be no Jim Henson production that I wouldn’t find charming, and although I’m not generally a fan of 1980s fantasy, it’s not as a whole a bad genre. Well congratulations, The Dark Crystal, on being a steaming turd, proving that Jim Henson really could do anything, even if he really shouldn’t.

3 thoughts on “Lent: Part 6

    1. MacCrocodile Post author

      Gelflings are ugly and obnoxious, but I’m supposed to root for them, apparently. Protip: the more fleshy and humanlike you try to make a Muppet, the further you slide down into the uncanny valley. Giving it little goat ears does not alleviate the problems inherent in a tiny mouth.
      Skeksis are kind of awesome, but they’re the bad guys? I’m not buying it.
      Writers: when you go on and on about an ancient prophecy, you’re pretty much telling me there is no tension to be had here, since the ending is already sorted out. Ancient prophets are either idiots who waste my time with lies or spoilsports who ruin the ending for you.

      1. evilshandie

        Your first point is one of opinion, the second of perspective. But your third point is just plain wrong.

        The prophecy:
        “When single shines the triple sun, / what was sundered and undone / shall be whole – the two made one / by Gelfling hand or else by none.”

        The prophecy says that there’s only one chance to fix the Crystal, and that only a Gelfling can do it. It doesn’t say that anything WILL happen, only outlines when and how something CAN happen.

        That’s why the Skeksis murdered all the Gelflings. The Mystics are boringassmofos who want to go back to being UrSkeks and be interesting again. The Skeksis are interesting all on their own, and had no interest in reuniting with their boringassmofo counterparts.


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