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Lent: Part 29

Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014) – They’ve toned down the old-timey jingoism from the first movie a bit, and upped the dignity for Scarlett Johansson since her first appearance in Iron Man 2. I am surprised when I not only don’t dislike her in a movie, but she is one of my favorite actors in it, and not to the detriment of everyone else. Everyone else did fine. I think it’s that her character is better written than it was at first. I credit Joss Whedon, even if he had no direct hand in this particular movie; his influence on the style seems to be lingering.

Lent: Part 28

First, a note about the Final Film. Now that, with this movie, I am two weeks from the end of Lent, I have decided that the final film this year will be The Gospel According to St. Matthew. The review that convinced me can be read here. If you’d prefer to watch it yourself, it can be found on YouTube. The specific timing and details of the event will follow. Let me know if you are interested in attending the official Lent screening.

Now, for the regular nonsense.

Nothing Sacred (1937) – The day I catch up on Game of Thrones season 3 is a good day for a brainless screwball comedy (from before the US got into the war, so little to no chance of war talk creeping in). Oh radium, you scamp.

Lent: Part 25

Black Sunday (La maschera del demonio, 1960) – Your standard B-movie horror. Nothing particularly gruesome or horrifying, and the one woman in the whole thing (not counting the villain, who is played by the same woman) relies on the men around her to make sure she survives. The villain, being the same woman, relies on the men around her to make sure she fails.

Lent: Part 23

M├Ądchen in Uniform (1958) – I have no complaints with the movie itself; it was actually quite nice. But I need to have a word with translators. Translators: if the German girl’s school is putting on a production of Romeo und Julia (and Shakespeare is apparently popular in Germany), it is not entirely necessary for you to painstakingly translate every word they say into English for the subtitles. It turns out someone already did an English version. It’s called Romeo and Juliet, and it’s pretty easy to come by a copy. You can just use those words and save yourself the trouble.

Lent: Part 22

Belle of the Yukon (1944) – I guess this is just the way I do Lent now: watch movies in long stretches, and then update a week’s worth all at once on this site. Let’s just try to get over our disappointment with me and get on with it. It’s apparently been long enough since I’ve seen this that I’m confusing parts of it with She Done Him Wrong. So it seems that even in the days of the gold rush, threatening someone with the Seattle Police Department was a terrifying suggestion. Thanks, Ed Murray.