Oscar-Nominated Short Films: Live-Action

  • That Wasn’t Me (Aquel no era yo, 2012) – New title: The Third World Sucks, but Sometimes White People Make it a Little Better. This title will be used a lot in Oscar-Nominated shorts. Most years, there is one.
  • Just Before Losing Everything (Avant que de tout perdre, 2013) – My definite favorite. This was the only one of the five shorts that made me feel afraid for someone. A scene of a woman walking calmly through a department store has never been so intense.
  • Helium (2014) – New Title: Cancer Ward. We’ve all seen Cancer Ward before. Filmmakers: you can stop making Cancer Ward.
  • Do I have to Take Care of Everything (Pitääkö mun kaikki hoitaa?, 2012) – Next to two hack jobs trying to make me feel sad or angry and another piece that actually succeeds in making me feel fear, it’s nice to have a light bit of fluff.
  • The Voorman Problem (2012) – Amusing, contains Martin Freeman.

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