Monthly Archives: January 2015

Oscar Nominations 2015

Oscar nominations were announced today, if you’re into that kind of thing.

Even if you’re not, I plan to see the nominated shorts, live-action and animated. The documentary shorts don’t make themselves quite as available to watch, so they only have themselves to blame.

My most likely viewing will be in Bellevue on Saturday, February 21, the day before the awards are given. This makes it an official Lent selection, of course. If you’d like to join me in disagreeing strongly with industry insiders about minor awards, you are welcome to join me.

Epiphany 2015

This year, Ash Wednesday will fall on February 18. Easter will be April 5.

I now begin the arduous task of planning for Lent.

Movie suggestions are, as always, welcome. This will be my tenth Lent, so make them good. Or terrible. Just don’t half-ass this; I’m counting on you.