Lent: Part 3

Oscar-Nominated Short Films: Animated

  • Me and My Moulton – A little girl is jealous that the family downstairs isn’t as interesting as hers. I usually love Torill Kove’s stuff. The Danish Poet was great. This… is not.
  • Feast – Disney provides us with some fluff. IMDB thinks I might also be interested in Paperman. I am not, but I can see where you draw that connection.
  • The Bigger Picture – This is the closest thing the shorts come to Cancer Ward or Scandinavians with Daddy Issues this year, but at the very least, it’s visually compelling. The animation style is like nothing else I’ve ever seen.
  • A Single Life – Points awarded for an amusing concept and a brief runtime.
  • The Dam Keeper – Kids can be cruel, and if you piss off the wrong kid, he’ll doom your town to rolling clouds of poisonous gas.

Other Highly Commended Short Films also Shown

  • Sweet Cocoon – That is not how cocoons work. That’s not how any of this works.
  • Footprints – Jesus Christ, Bill Plympton, just die already. Who keeps adding his shit to these screenings?
  • Duet – It is described as a “celebration of life”. Spoiler: it only goes up to young adulthood, after which, presumably, the characters lives don’t merit celebration. And that is one extraordinarily long-lived dog.
  • Bus Story (Histoires de bus) – If you’re not already in love with hand-drawn Canadian animation, you never will be, and we might be enemies.

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