Lent: Part 38

Weekend (2011) – I do not miss dating. Sure, it’s got its fun times, but it is, generally speaking, completely bonkers. I have dated versions of both of these characters: the neurotic closet case and the nearly unhinged artistic type, and the only thing I miss about those days is that I was in better shape. The fact that these two find something in each other makes me wonder if those guys I once knew eventually got together and made an unreasonably cute couple.

Weekend is a very sweet story, but feels a lot more honest and realistic than most I’ve ever seen. It’s hard for me to tell whether it’s because the story is so well told or because, unlike most love stories, it talks directly to the gay experience. There’s a scene where they talk about the coming out experience as a gay rite of passage, and that makes a lot of sense to me; so many dates from my dating years involved the conversation about how each of us came out to our families.

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