SIFF – Spy

Spy (2015) – It’s marvelous that a movie can be made starring a woman hired for her comedic talents, with secondary and even tertiary characters also cast as women. Although there is a plot centered on a romantic interest, it never really becomes a movie about women’s interactions with men. It would be great if there were enough movies like this that it was no longer notable when a movie comes along that treats women as capable human beings, but here we are.

The politics of the representation of women aside, Spy is great. Director Paul Feig said in the Q&A afterwards that he builds his comedies the way he used to build his standup routines, by testing the jokes in front of audiences to see what works and what doesn’t. In the end, we have a finely tuned comedy with characters you can actually care about, and action sequences that are actually thrilling. The fight in the kitchen is my new favorite fight scene in any movie.

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