Epiphany 2016

Today is the Epiphany, which, in some Christian traditions, marks the official end of the Christmas season, commemorating the revelation of the Christ Child to the magi. In my traditions, it marks the official beginning of planning to watch a bunch of movies this spring.

Ash Wednesday will be on Wednesday, February 10. The film for this occasion is as yet undecided. In fact, at this point, all forty films are undecided. (Edit: As of whenever it occurred to me, the film for Ash Wednesday will be The Man Who Laughed)

Holy Saturday, the final day of Lent will be Saturday, March 26. I will watch my 40th movie that night, ending, as always, at midnight on Easter. Technically, according to classic Catholic liturgy, Easter begins at sundown that Saturday night, but we’re using my liturgical calendar here, not the pope’s.

With everything undecided, I seek your input. Please recommend movies to me. Recommend great movies, terrible movies, movies that should never have been made. I want all of your recommendations. I require it. I demand it.

And finally, this year, as in all years, Epiphany is also my dad’s birthday. Happy birthday, Dad. This is probably not what you were aiming for in your parenting, but here we are.

5 thoughts on “Epiphany 2016

  1. Shinichiki

    I still stand by my recommendation of Japanese horror movies. Or even any other nations horror movies. Looking at what is considered “scary” to other cultures is fascinating.

      1. Shinichiki

        The director of Kwaidan also made a trilogy called The Human Condition, which sounds good. Maybe look into that!

        All of these are based on “How much gore in your horror do you want?” , but I also recommend Suicide Club, Hausu, Dark Water, Onibaba, RoboGeisha (you will probably not like RoboGeisha but w/e, suggestions), Tetsuo the Iron Man and a buncha others.

        Japanese horror is messed up and I used to watch all the stuff I could find. I used to watch a lot of schlock and horror movies. I used to watch movies. 🙁


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