Lent: Part 30

Pacific Rim (2013) – Visually impressive, although I’m not really sure about the scale of certain objects being tossed around a city in some scenes. I don’t want to trash this movie too much–that’d be cheap, and too easy–but writing Pacific Rim was apparently also cheap and too easy. Someone could have stood to challenge themselves, Travis Beacham.

2 thoughts on “Lent: Part 30

  1. Greg

    Pacific Rim was everything that I expected it to be (Idris Elba being awesome), plus a little extra Ron Perlman and Charlie Day as a bonus. I agree with Hideo Kojima, who called it “the ultimate otaku film.”

  2. Shinichiki

    Seconded. It was a movie for nerds by nerds about nerds fighting giant monsters with huge nerd-mobiles. The lack of writing was not where it went wrong, it’s how it was RIGHT.


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