Lent: Part 31

Catwoman (2004) – Good God, what was that.

I’m not a big fan or connoisseur of Catwoman or other comic book… things, but this is so cheap and just so divorced from the concept it was apparently licensed to use that it feels like a knockoff, like it should be called “Gatwomens” and be sold on a street corner to unsuspecting tourists. Or it’s the store-brand Catwoman that’s supposed to be just the same as the one in the fancy box, but you can tell. It’s just not the same.

Around the point that Halle Berry gets hit with one drop of water, freaks out and sprints for cover shouting “I hate rain!” I began to suspect that the script for Catwoman was written by a brainstorming session.

“No bad ideas, guys,” one of them said, “Come on, what are some things cats do?”
“They hate getting wet?” the new guy said.
“Sure,” said the one in charge, and wrote it on the board.
“They… walk on the furniture.” said another one.
“Yes! Definitely.”
“They go crazy for catnip. My cat loves it when you–”
“Great. Let’s put that one up. What else?”
Six hours later, they had filled the board, and nothing ever got erased. No bad ideas, guys.

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