Lent: Part 4

Deadpool (2016) – I had grown tired of superhero movies. They’re getting old and repetitive. I felt the same way about the zombie genre, but then I gladly make exceptions for things like Shaun of the Dead and World War Z (the book–we do not acknowledge the movie). Deadpool is the superhero equivalent of Shaun of the Dead in that I not only wasn’t bored out of my mind by it, but actually quite enjoyed it.

I want to also give Deadpool’s creators credit for going for an R rating. The problems with the MPAA’s ratings system (and their politics) aside, it’s nice to see a major studio sacrifice those precious pre-teen dollars to make a movie that is as indulgently profane, violent, and sexual as the source material demands. They’re still going to make a fortune on this, of course, but they took a risk for a good reason, and I like that.

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