Lent: Part 6

Do I Sound Gay? (2014) – So it looks like the big post I’d written about my own experiences with the gay accent, some 600-odd words, disappeared into the void. I’m not about to try to recreate what I wrote, but let’s summarize.

This is a pretty good documentary. My scale for documentaries generally runs from “garbage” to “pretty good”, so take that as a strong endorsement. Every once in a while, there’s something like Jesus Camp or The Thin Blue Line, which earn an exceptional rating, but that is not to say that Do I Sound Gay? is not a perfectly serviceable documentary.

I have some strong, personal ties to this subject matter, and my original post had some discussion of that personal history with gay voice. Long story short, I’ve felt the same intense need to change my voice as did the director and subject of this documentary, but I’m not twelve years old any more. Something, something, never give up on your dreams.

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