Lent: Part 7

Tangerine (2015) – Hey, so remember when I couldn’t really offer a lot of opinions on Dear White People because of… being a white guy? I’m going to have to similarly excuse myself from opinions on the subject matter of Tangerine due to being a cis, white, middle-class man. There is some proximity in the QUILTBAG, but I cannot offer opinions on the experiences of trans people, women, the poor, sex workers, people of color, immigrants… basically every specific demographic represented in this movie. Basically none of my demographic groups are represented in this movie, and I’m okay with that. In fact, I’m glad.

On the assumption that this is a fair and sympathetic representation of those groups, which I have heard is the case, Tangerine is a touching and beautiful movie. And even if we disagree about the story and characters, can we all at least agree that Tangerine is the finest cinematography ever accomplished on an iPhone?

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