Lent: Part 8

We Need to Talk About Kevin (2011) – This is deeply upsetting, to put it lightly. I put off watching We Need to Talk About Kevin for several years. I had heard what it was about–so you don’t have to Google it, Tilda Swinton plays the mother of a boy who commits a horrific crime left unsaid for the majority of the movie–and decided it was the sort of thing I would need to be in exactly the right mood for. I was right; do not watch this unless you are in the mood for feeling very bad about everything for two hours.

I have had nightmares about this sort of scenario. I have never had nor will ever have children, so not exactly this, but the sort of scenario where my name becomes poison, where by my associations I am forever a pariah in my home. Tilda Swinton makes me imagine it all over again, in more vivid detail than I ever dreamed. John C. Reilly makes me question my own sanity along with hers, even knowing what happens at the end of the story. All over, the cast builds a story where perspective and perceptions can’t be trusted, but neither can doubts. In the end, a sense of futility and inevitability are overwhelming.


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    1. MacCrocodile Post author

      Yeah. It’s not exactly the feel-good movie of the summer or anything. It is a movie to watch if you ever feel like feeling very bad about everything.


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