Lent: Part 12

Roar (1981) – When the first character came on screen, cavorting with a bunch of lions (who, the internet tells me, gave him gangrene from all the maulings he endured)–and probably riding a bike or something, I don’t remember–someone asked who that guy was. The answer was simply “Todd.” It was not the name the screenwriter gave him (if it can be said this movie was written), but it was the most fitting name: Todd. As the movie progressed, it became clear that nearly everyone was Todd.

Sure, there are some perfectly lovely Todds out there. Todds who don’t invite their wife, Todd, and their children, Todd, Todd, and Todd to visit his haphazardly run big cat sanctuary in… Africa, I guess? There are Todds who don’t sneak through a cat-overrun house to find their brother Todd and then split up on their way to meet the other Todds. There are probably Todds who don’t hide in cabinetry, all of which gets knocked over by lions on a Todd hunt. I’m sure most real-world Todds don’t repeatedly abandon the only black person they know (mercifully not also a Todd) with an angry tiger and an umbrella (or a shirt to wave) for his defense.

According to the press, over 70 Todds were injured in the making of this movie. Way to go, Todd.

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