Lent: Part 18

The Little Prince (Le Petit Prince, 2015) – I loved the original book when I read it in my high school French class so many years ago, and in a lot of ways, the story doesn’t really hold up for me. Even so, I’ve been disappointed by other adaptations in the past, and was excited to see this one. I’m not sure if the version Netflix put out there is edited down from the original French release, but there are definitely pieces missing in what I saw, and it’s odd to think that a story was edited for time when a large chunk of the movie is padded out with another story entirely. And at least one of those chapters–the lamplighter–would have fit very neatly into the story they appear to be trying to tell, but it is only obliquely referenced toward the end in a way that makes me wonder if the original French release included that character but lost him in the move to Netflix.

I also appreciate that the filmmakers managed to make the mother a driven, goal-oriented, pushy parent without making her a heartless monster, as it is too easy to do in children’s movies.

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