Lent: Part 5

Norm of the North (2016) – I like to expand my horizons by including at least one movie I think I’ll hate. Norm of the North was described to me as one of the worst movies of 2016, and it really lives up to those expectations. Based on what I’ve seen, it could be one of the worst movies of the 2010s, and that includes God’s Not Dead.

I had heard good things about the book this was based on, but if this is truly in any way based on that book, I think I’ll pass on reading the book.

Put as simply as I can think, it’s lazy and cheap in every way. Cheap would at least be excusable if there were any sign of effort. Everyone involved should be ashamed of themselves, except possibly Rob Schneider, who is clearly incapable of shame, and may have done his finest work ever here.

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