What’s your deal?

My name is Ryan. I watch movies. Between Ash Wednesday and Easter, I will watch 40 movies I’ve never seen.

Aren’t you supposed to give something up for Lent?

Sure, if you’re Catholic, I guess.

So you’re not Catholic?

No, never have been.

So… why?

Long story short, back in March of 2006, I heard somewhere that it was Ash Wednesday, and I decided to do something about it. Any kind of sacrifice sounded unpleasant, so being the heathen I am, I decided to take something on for Lent. After some consideration, it was decided that movies would be the project.

Hey, what if you did a year of just Abbott and Costello features, or a year of Chinese martial arts films, or movies starting with the letter F?

I rarely do themes, since forty movies in forty-six days gets pretty tiring on its own without imposing further restrictions on it. The only theme is that I have not seen any of these movies prior to seeing them for Lent. Sometimes, I’ll pair movies whose themes or titles are amusing together, but that’s more of a one-off thing on a weekend.

Had you really never seen [Movie Title]? Everybody has seen [Movie Title].

No, I really had never seen it. That’s why it’s part of this blog. You would be surprised how often I hear this. It might be the single most F’ly A’ed Q I get.

Have you seen [Movie Title]? You should/shouldn’t watch it.

I have a list going here for recommendations. I might clean it up at some point, but for now, feel free to heap onto the pile there. Feel free to suggest movies I might hate. Half the fun is seeing things I wouldn’t seek out on my own. Sometimes, the best experiences with this project are the experiences I regret.

What are you watching next? Can I watch with you?

As I said above, this shit can get tiring, so I rarely plan much in advance. I know that every year, I will watch the Oscar-Nominated Short Films (if there’s a screening in my area during Lent, it becomes an official selection), and I try to announce Ash Wednesday and the Fortieth Film in advance. If I know you, sure, come along. If I don’t know you, say hi.

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