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Use the comments here to suggest a movie. Details are nice, like a year or a director, or an imdb/Wikipedia link.

Don’t worry if you think I must have already seen it. I may well not have. The worst thing I’ll do to a suggestion is disregard it.

14 thoughts on “Suggest a Film

  1. MacCrocodile Post author

    Already on the list for 2013:
    The Picture of Dorian Gray
    Oscar-nominated short films
    Suspiria (and the rest of the Three Mothers trilogy)
    The French Connection

    Other suggested movies from 2013:
    Mall Rats
    Die Hard series
    Revenge of the Nerds series
    Police Academy series
    The Treasure of Manhattan Island
    The Mystery of the Night Monster
    Pretty Woman
    The Ramen Girl
    Red State
    Tampopo (and other films by Juzo Itami)
    The Ghost and Mister Chicken
    Safety Not Guaranteed
    The Future
    Naked Lunch
    The Extra Man
    The Great Race
    Six Characters in Search of an Author
    The Adventures of Baron Munchausen (1943)
    The Hobbit (Rankin/Bass)
    Lord of the Rings (Rankin/Bass)

  2. evilshandie

    You’ve never even seen Die Hard 1? [Ed. Yes, pretty sure I’ve seen the first one, but there’s a series at stake here] Das imprazible. One of the best action films ever made. You can move that to the top section now.

    Equilibrium (2002)
    Salt (2010)
    Total Recall (The Ahnold version)
    Battle Royale (2000, Japan)
    Did we watch the other two movies in the Lisbeth Salander series? [Yes, we were drunk, and they weren’t that good.]
    Paranormal Activity 2 (I doubt you’ll watch more than one, and the second is superior to the first)
    The Crow (1994) [Seen it]
    War Games (1983)
    Highlander (1986) [Seen it]
    Reservoir Dogs (1992) [Seen it]
    The Game (1997) [Seen it so many times]

    And…hmm, documentaries? How about Girl 27, Countdown to Zero, The Assassination of Dr. Tiller, or Craigslist Joe.

  3. Joavav

    As discussed previously – Haute Tension!

    Kind Hearts and Coronets

    Cannibal Women in the Avocado Jungle of Death

    Bring It On

    Dark City

    Strange Days

    Four Lions

    Heavenly Creatures

    Picnic at Hanging Rock

    Goodbye Lenin!



    His Girl Friday

    Peeping Tom

    Carry On Screaming:
    (Or any of the Carry On films, really)

    Walk on Water

    The Umbrellas of Cherbourg

    1. Shinichiki

      Arizona Dream

      Everything is Illuminated

      This version of Alice in Wonderland that has left a permanent scar in my head

      Hudsucker Proxy (probably seen it but man this is a good movie :D)

      DOOM (because I have brain problems)

      and maybe more later. I have a lot of weird films in my head, but not a lot of names to go with them.

  4. Greg

    If you’re going to be watching dumb action movies, they should at least be pretty. So I nominate Pacific Rim (2013).

    Some others, not sure how many of these you’ve seen/I’ve suggested before:
    The Adventures of Robin Hood (1938)

    Dallas Buyers Club (2013)

    Moonrise Kingdom (2012)

    If you’re still looking for Easter films, I have heard that these two are good:

    The Robe (1953)

    Quo Vadis (1951)

  5. Greg

    Also, how do you plan to get your hands on a copy of Cavalcade? That’s the only Best Picture winner we have never been able to see, because it just about doesn’t exist on DVD anywhere. Scarecrow?

    1. MacCrocodile Post author

      Scarecrow does seem to imply by their website that they have Cavalcade. I might have to check it out.


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